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RSB Ambassadors

Sharing the RSB's vision to make a difference are RSB Ambassadors Erin Bell from the Adelaide Thunderbirds, Seamus Evans from Totally Wild, Rachael Leahcar RSB Client and Recording Artist and Jane Reilly from FIVEaa.
As respected leaders in their fields, the support of the RSB Ambassadors delivers invaluable messages to the wider community about the important work that the RSB undertakes. Their attendance at RSB events also assists us to generate new interest and reach new audiences.

Introducing the RSB Ambassador Team!



Erin Bell - Adelaide Thunderbirds

"I became an RSB Ambassador due to my own personal experience with vision impairment. I have worn glasses/contact lenses since I was 10 years old and would not have been able to pursue my sporting dreams without vision correction."



Rachael Leahcar - RSB Client and Recording Artist

"I was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa and one day, I will be totally blind. This would be scary if not for the Royal Society for the Blind. As an ambassador for them, I hope I can do everything in my power to help others like myself live their lives to the fullest, like the RSB has helped me to do."



Jane Reilly - FIVEaa

"Assistance from the RSB makes a huge difference to the lives of so many. Imagine how lonely and sad it must be to be born blind or vision impaired or to acquire vision loss. The RSB is there to support clients and their families during difficult times and to give them a brighter future. I encourage you to support the RSB and their fantastic work."


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